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Why Choose Our DTF Transfer?

  • Industrial digital print solution, Excellent quality at low cost.

  • Provides full-color(CMYK) 

  • Better option for designs with lots of detail and colors.

  • Meet changing needs with flexibility, allowing you to easily customize different shirts.

  • Apply to almost any fabric type. Cotton, Polyester, cotton/poly blends, and Tri-blends.

  • Suited to pretty much any color. Light or dark shirts, they will all stay nice.

  • Offer a good stretch and durability 

  • Allow more than one image on the sheet with Gang Sheets

  • Clean and environmentally friendly

Vibrant Color, Superior Quality, Unbelievable Price

Vibrant Transfers

Adhere to almost any garment


Are perfect for tough placement

Have just a 10 second initial press time


Last through dozens of wash cycles

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